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I’m a Doctor, and I Was Addicted to Opioids. It Can Happen to Anyone

Dr. Faye Jamali shares the realities of this crisis with her personal story of addiction and recovery.


What started as a fun-filled day to celebrate her children’s birthdays ended with a fall that changed Dr. Faye Jamali’s life forever.

Near the end of the birthday party,

Recovery & Holiday Celebrations

Some people in recovery can feel like life becomes boring. Actually, it’s one of the biggest fears that people have when they consider giving up their addiction.  Though most people in recovery quickly realize this thought process is just a myth, holidays and celebrations can become a very hard day to get through. 

Compass Clinic Opens New Springfield Location to Combat Missouri’s Opioid Addiction Crisis

Compass Clinic, an outpatient opioid and drug treatment center, opened a new Springfield location to help combat Missouri’s opioid addiction crisis.

More than 60,000 Americans died from drug overdoses last year.  Prescription opioids and fentanyl related deaths make up approximately 48,000 of those deaths.  Missouri’s opioid related death rate continues to rise by nearly 30 percent each year. 

Substance Abuse Initiative begins in Stone, Taney counties

BRANSON, Mo. (KY3) – Substance abuse is something few like to talk about, let alone admit they’re struggling with, which makes it hard to address in certain communities. The Stone and Taney County Substance Abuse Initiative just rolled out a new tool to help assess the problem in that area.

The Evolution of the Epidemic: Missouri’s Opioid Crisis

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The opioid epidemic is one of Missouri’s most pressing health issues. To put it in perspective, roughly 64,000 Americans died from drug overdoses in 2016, with 49,900 of those deaths related to fentanyl, heroin, and prescription opioids. In Missouri, overall overdose deaths were up a shocking 28 percent from 2015.

Stories of Addiction highlight Springfield Opioid Summit

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Brent Swanson saw firsthand how an addiction to prescription painkillers can destroy a family.

His daughter was prescribed opioids at age 16 after having her wisdom teeth pulled. Her problems started then, Swanson said, and after she was again prescribed painkillers to deal with pain from a car crash,

Alcohol and prescription drugs are the top two recommended areas of focus for an initiative looking to combat substance abuse in Taney and Stone counties.

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Alcohol and prescription drugs are the top two recommended areas of focus for an initiative looking to combat substance abuse in Taney and Stone counties.

For a period of six months, researchers worked with 40 local organizations and interviewed 80 community members, including the Branson emergency personnel, to collect the data and lay the foundation for a Substance Abuse Initiative.

Here’s One Simple Way We Can Change The Conversation About Drug Abuse

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Community Comes Together To Combat Substance Abuse

BRANSON, Mo. – Leaders from Stone and Taney Counties came together Thursday to help combat substance abuse in their respective communities.

A drug summit was held in Branson to update community members on a new drug-prevention initiative started by the Skaggs Legacy Foundation.

Among the dozens of community leaders in attendance was Lt.